Our Farm

Here at Garden Valley Farmstead our definition of a sustainable farm is one where all parties benefit. The soil is improved. The animals are happy and free to express natural behavior. The farm benefits from increased yield in quality and quantity. The community benefits from the nutritious food we produce and the economic dollars staying here in our community.


Our Land

"We do not inherit earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children." Great farm fresh products start from the care of the land. We work diligently to preserve and protect our earth, waterways and wildlife. We are proud participants of the Conservation Stewardship Program, which is the largest conservation program in the United States. We own 200 acres and grow all of the feed needed for our animals. Crops we grow include grass, clover, rye, tritical and corn.

Our soil is alive. A single tsp of soil can hold up to 1 billion bacteria! We spend a lot of time doing whats best for the soil including- no-till planting, cover crops, minimal spraying and no GMOs.


cows grazing.jpeg

Our Cows

The cows at Garden Valley Farmstead receive the highest level of individual care. We know each cow by name and we love to see their big personalities shine! Our cows are free to graze lush green pastures in the spring, summer and fall but our barn also provides a comfortable and relaxing environment when Wisconsin's weather does not.  Our cows are fed a grass-based diet that is also balanced for each cow's individual needs which ensures she stays healthy and gives the highest quality milk. Our milk is tested daily for quality and it well surpasses all National Milk Quality Standards. 

Our store

Seeing is believing. That's why our store is located right on the farm. Please come see how we care of our land and our animals. We are conveniently located just a few minutes from Hixton, WI and I-94. The store is home to all of our fresh wholesome products including:


-Mild Cheddar Cheese

-Squeaky Cheese Curds

-Farmstead Butter

-Nasonville Cheeses

-Other local and artisan cheeses

Grass Based Beef:

-Ground Beef

-Steaks, Roasts

-Beef Brats, sticks, summer sausage

Local Pork:

Local Honey, Maple Syrup, Spices, BBQ Sauce and so much More!

Pumpkins and other fall decor (when in season) 

Farm Tours available. See Event page for more info.