The Daniels Family

L to R: Weston, Justin, Darci & Sadie Daniels

L to R: Weston, Justin, Darci & Sadie Daniels


Born Farmers

Justin and Darci Daniels were both born and raised on dairy farms in southern Wisconsin. Their dream to raise a family on the farm in a strong rural agricultural community came true when they purchased their farmstead in 2011. The rolling hills, fertile farmland and abundance of wildlife in the Township of Garden Valley located in Western Wisconsin is where they have put down their roots and began building their family and their farm. 

The husband and wife duo make an outstanding team, each having their own responsibilities but always remembering that "teamwork makes the dream work".

On the farm Justin manages most of the herd health, does all of the feeding, milks cows and manages the crops and the land. He also owns and operates his own hoof trimming business, where he is hired by other farms to take care of their cow's feet. When he gets some free-time he enjoys hunting and fishing with his family and friends especially his son Weston and father Dale. 

Darci cares for the baby calves, heifers and chickens. She also milks the cows, does the book-work and manages the store and farmers markets all while having two small children at foot. In her free-time she enjoys running and getting together with family and her girlfriends from college. 

Together, Justin and Darci have two beautiful children Weston (2) and Sadie (1). Weston is all farm boy. He loves to get dirty, tries to lend a helping hand whenever possible and loves his animals. Sadie is determined to keep up with big brother, loves to explore all parts of the farm and always has a smile to welcome you. 

We thank you for exploring our site and getting to know us and we hope you will stop out and see us on the farm soon!