Welcome to our farm Garden Valley Farmstead. We are the Daniels Family and we are a 100% family owned and operated dairy farm. Our mission is to.... And that starts with the care of our land and our cows! 

The Cows- "Each cow in this barn is a lady and should be treated as such." We provide our cows with the highest level of individual care from the day they are born and join our family. Each cow has their own name and we love to see their big bright personalities shine! Our cows spend most of the spring, summer and fall grazing lush green pastures but our barn also provides a comfortable relaxing atmosphere when our Wisconsin weather doesn't. Our cows are fed a grass based diet that is supplemented for each cow's own unique need- this ensures each cow is as healthy as possible and provides the tastiest milk for you!

Land- "Our land is not inherited from our past generations but is borrowed from our future."  We take great pride in making sure we keep our land healthy to not only provide great food for our cows but to also preserve it's future for our children. We do that by doing 100% no-till planting, planting cover crops, having contour strips, planting a diverse group of crops and utilizing our natural fertilizers. By doing these things we are letting nature do its job to protect soil health, grow nutritious feed and protect our water sources and wildlife. 

Cheese- Our Garden Valley Signature Mild Cheddar is made exclusively from the milk of the cows here at Garden Valley Farmstead. Our cheese is made in small batches by an Award Winning Licenced Cheesemaker with over 25 years experience. Our secret to great tasting cheese is how much we care- from a newborn calf's first breath to